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Webfolio CMS

Webfolio CMS is simple, yet powerfull content management system equipped with some competitive features. It is very intuitive and easy to use. Website built with this CMS will be fast, secure and customizable.



Features effective page caching mechanism, which significantly improves performance of a website


Built in modular manner, allowing integration of custom modules and themes


Resistant to common security vulnerabilities, like SQL injection, XSS and CSRF

Responsive themes

Your site will look good on both desktop and mobile devices


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Provides functionality for tagging posts, so that they can be categorized more efficiently. Features widgets for displaying tag cloud and per-post tags.


Facilitates integration of the Disqus - a blog comment hosting service.

Under the hood

Webfolio CMS was built using sinergy of well composed 3rd-party libraries and components. Those are:


Webfolio CMS was created and is maintained by Nikola PoŇ°a (myself).

If you have encountered any kind of problem while using Webfolio CMS, please create a ticket on the official issue tracker: https://sourceforge.net/p/webfolio-cms/tickets. (you have to be registered on SourceForge.net)

Also, if you have any question or suggestion for this CMS, feel free to contact author directly.